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Конференции международные
2012 год

Title: World Institute of Pain – 6th World Congress
Date: February 04-06, 2012
City: Miami Beach, FL
Country: USA
Contact: Kenes International
Fax: +41 22 906 9140
E-Mail: WIP2012_reg@kenes.com
URL: http://www2.kenes.com/wip/Pages/Home.aspx

Title: WPA Thematic Conference - Mental health and family medicine working together
Date: February 08-11, 2012
City: Granada
Country: Spain
Contact: Technical Secretariat
Fax: +34 902 430 959
E-Mail: info@ thematicconferencegranada2012.com
URL: www.thematicconferencegranada2012.com

Title: Annual International Conference on Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology
Date: February 13-14, 2012
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Contact: Conference Secretariat
Fax: +65 6327 0162
E-Mail: info@cognitive-behavior.org
URL: http://www.cognitive-behavior.org/

Title: Global Alcohol Policy Conference
Date: February 13-15, 2012
City: Nonthaburi
Country: Thailand
Contact: Center for Alcohol Studies
Fax: 66 (0) 25902376; 66 (0) 2590-2377
E-Mail: info@gapc2011.com
URL: http://www.gapc2011.com

Title: 20th European Congress of Psychiatry - Beyond Diversity, Towards Harmony
Date: March 03-06, 2012
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Contact: Kenes international
Fax: +41 22 906 9140
E-Mail: epa@kenes.com
URL: www2.kenes.com/epa/Pages/home.aspx

Title: International Symposium on Current Issues and Controversies in Psychiatry. New Approaches in Depression
Date: March 22-23, 2012
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Contact: Technical Secretariat
Phone: +34 932 242 548
Fax: +34 932 217 005
E-Mail: controversias@geyseco.es
URL: http://www.controversiasbarcelona.org/english.html

Title: 5th Annual Psychopharmacology Institute and ISPN 14th Annual Conference Innovation, Integration and Transformation of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing for the 21st Century
Date: March 27-31, 2012
City: Atlanta, Georgia
Country: USA
Contact: International Society of Psychiatric-mental Health Nurses
Fax: 608-443-2474 or 2478
E-Mail: info@ispn-psych.org
URL: ispn-psych.org/html/conferences.html

Title: WPA Thematic Conference (Zone 8) - Addiction Psychiatry
Date: March 29-31, 2012
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Contact: Dr. Julio Bobes Garcia
E-Mail: bobes@ctv.es or bobes@uniovi.es
URL: http://www.wpanet.org/detail.php?section_id=3&content_id=706

Title: Addiction Medicine 2012
Date: March 30-31, 2012
City: Asheville, North Carolina
Country: USA
Contact: Tyler Van Steinburgh
E-Mail: tyler.vansteinburgh@governorsinstitute.org
URL: http://addictionmedicine.sa4docs.org/

Title: 3rd Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Conference
Date: April 14-18, 2012
City: Florence
Country: Italy
Contact: Secretariat
Fax: +39 055 3033.895
E-Mail: info@schizophreniaresearchsociety.org
URL: http://www.schizophreniaresearchsociety.org/

Title: 8th International Conference on Psychiatry Comorbidity within Psychiatric Disorders and Medical Illnesses
Date: April 17-19, 2012
City: Jeddah
Country: Saudi Arabia
URL: jed.sghgroup.com.sa

Title: International Society for Affective Disorders (ISAD) Conference 2012 - Affective Disorders - Mind, Body and Society
Date: April 18-20, 2012
City: London
Country: UK
Contact: Caroline Loveland
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7383 8040
E-Mail: isad@kenes.com
URL: http://www.isadconference.com

Title: ASAM's 43rd Annual Medical-Scientific Conference
Date: April 19-22, 2012
City: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Contact: American Society of Addiction Medicine
Fax: 301-656-3815
E-Mail: email@asam.org
URL: http://www.asam.org/AnnualMeeting.html

Title: BILD 2nd International Positive Behaviour Support Conference 2012
Date: May 10–11, 2012
City: Cardiff
Country: UK
Contact: Events team
E-Mail: learning@bild.org.uk
URL: www.bild.org.uk

Title: 1st European Conference of Mental Health Nursing - Collaborating Practice and Research
Date: May 23 – 25, 2012
City: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Contact: The Finnish Nurses Association
Fax: +358 (0) 9 2290 0240
E-Mail: info@nurses.fi
URL: www.nurses.fi

Title: Europad 10th International Conference - Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems
Date: May 25-27, 2012
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Contact: Europad
URL: www.europad.org

Title: Sixth Annual Conference of the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy
Date: May 30-31, 2012
City: University of Kent, Canterbury
Country: UK
Contact: University of Kent
E-Mail: enquiries@issdp.org
URL: http://www.issdp.org/conferences.php

Title: The 30th Centennial Nordic Congress of Psychiatry - Understanding mind and crossing borders
Date: June 05–08, 2012
City: Tromso
Country: Norway
Contact: Tromso Event AS
E-Mail: vidar@tromsoevent.com
URL: ncp2012.org

Title: College on Problems of Drug Dependence
Date: June 09-14, 2012
City: Palm Springs, California
Country: USA
Contact: CPDD
Fax: 215-707-1904
E-Mail: baldeagl@temple.edu
URL: www.cpdd.vcu.edu/Pages/Meetings/FutureMeet.html

Title: European Congress for Social Psychiatry Social Psychiatry at the Age of Neurosciences
Date: July 04-06, 2012
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Contact: Swiss Society for Social Psychiatry
URL: upload.sitesystem.ch

Title: 15th International Philosophy and Psychiatry Conference: Culture and Mental Health
Date: July 05-07, 2012
City: Otago
Country: New Zealand
E-Mail: richard.mullen@stonebow.otago.ac.nz
URL: http://www.events4you.co.nz/inpp2012.html

Title: International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Psychiatry: Medicine and The Future
Date: July 10-13, 2012
City: Liverpool
Country: UK
Contact: RCPsych
E-Mail: conference@rcpsych.ac.uk
URL: www.rcpsych.ac.uk/events/internationalcongress2012.aspx

Title: The International Narcotics Research Conference 2012
Date: July 14-19, 2012
City: Kansas City, Missouri
Country: USA
Contact: Craig W. Stevens, Ph.D.
E-Mail: cw.stevens@okstate.edu
URL: www.inrcworld.org/2012/2012mtg.htm

Title: XXth ISRA (International Society for Research on Aggression) World Meeting
Date: July 17–21, 2012
City: Luxembourg
Country: Luxembourg
Contact: Sara Volterrani (Secretary)
Fax: + 352 - 46 66 44 - 9535
E-Mail: isra2012@uni.lu
URL: http://isra.uni.lu/index.php/ISRA-2012

Title: Primary Care: Mental Health Issues with a Focus on Drugs and Behavior (7-Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Conference)
Date: July 21-28, 2012
City: Venice
Country: Italy
E-Mail: 072112Addiction@continuingeducation.net
URL: www.continuingeducation.net/coursedetails.php?program_number=1046

Title: 30th International Congress of Psychology - Psychology Serving Humanity
Date: July 22-27, 2012
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa
Fax: +27 11 486 3266
E-Mail: info@icp2012.com
URL: www.icp2012.com

Title: 14th European Symposium for Suicide & Suicidal Behavior
Date: September 03-06, 2012
City: Tel-Aviv
Country: Israel
Contact: KENES Israel
Fax: + 972 3 9727460
E-Mail: esssb14@kenes.com
URL: http://www2.kenes.com/esssb14/general/Pages/WelcomeLetter.aspx

Title: International Psychogeriatric Association International Meeting 2012
Date: September 07-11, 2012
City: Cairns, Queensland
Country: Australia
Fax: + 61 3 9645 6322
E-Mail: ipa2012@wsm.com.au
URL: http://www.ipa2012cairns.com/

Title: Horatio: 2d European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing
Date: September 20 – 23, 2012
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Contact: Richard Brodd
E-Mail: richard.brodd@bredband.net
URL: http://psykriks.se/konferens-kurs/horatio-festival-stockholm-2012/

Title: 25th ECNP Congress
Date: October 13-17, 2012
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Contact: ECNP
Fax: +31 30 2538568
E-Mail: secretariat@ecnp.eu
URL: http://www.ecnp-congress.eu/en.aspx

Title: International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) Annual Meeting
Date: October 13-17, 2012
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland
Contact: ISAM
Fax: +41 22 33 99 651
E-Mail: isam2012@mci-group.com
URL: http://www.isam2012.org

Title: World Psychiatric Association International
Congress 2012

Date: October 17-21, 2012
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Contact: Secretariat
Fax: +420 284 001 448
E-Mail: wpaic2012@guarant.cz
URL: WPAIC2012.org

Title: The International Conference on Clinical Practice in Alzheimer Disease (CPAD)
Date: November 08-11, 2012
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Contact: Ms. Ilana Berkowitz
Fax: +41 22 5802 953
E-Mail: secretariat@cpadconference.com
URL: cpadconference.com

The 11th World Congress of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Date: November 10-13, 2012
City: Milan
Country: Italy
Contact: AIM Group International
Fax: +39 02 56609045
E-Mail: wapr2012@aimgroup.eu
URL: http://www.wapr2012.org

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